Welcome to Pierson Nurseries

Dale and Mike Pierson have owned and operated Pierson Nurseries, Inc. since it’s inception in 1973.

In 1975 we purchased 7 acres of land in Saco, ME which we used for growing for ten years. An additional five acres of land was leased in 1982. Commercial landscaping was a large part of the business as the nursery expanded.

We bought 65 acres of land in Dayton in 1985.The first fields were graded in the fall of that year and the construction of the garage and pole barn started in the spring of 1986. The first roads and a pond were built and additional grading was done in 1987. The root cellar, shed, and expansion of the container area was completed in 1988. In 1989 a second pond was dug to insure a water source for all growing areas. In 1991 we started a phase out of the landscaping division and began the establishment of our wetland nursery. During the fall of 1992 we installed underground irrigation to the field area.

Early in 1993 landscaping was eliminated and the full efforts of all staff was re-focused on the production and supply of nursery stock to the horticultural trade. From 1993-1997 we continued to expand the container area and added a wetland processing facility at the nursery. In 1998 more wetland production swales and ponds were constructed at land 1 mile from the nursery where expansion can continue as demand grows. In 1999 the main irrigation pond was enlarged to insure adequate water for all areas of the nursery. The year 2000 brought improvements in the potting system and office expansion. In 2004 Jake Pierson joined the company. He is involved with purchasing, sales and overall management. In 2005 an additional 20 acre parcel was purchased. This was planted to increase B&B production and to add container and wetland plant growing areas. In 2008, more above ground holding space was created for our B&B material. In 2009, our facility was been updated with a brand new propagation house to meet our increased production needs.   In 2011 we deepened all of our irrigation ponds so for the foreseeable future, we will have plenty of water for irrigation.   A new pump and filtration system for our first drip irrigation was installed on a 20 acre parcel of BB field production.  In 2014 Jake became an owner and he and Allie added another 30 acres to our parcel.  During 2015 we cleared some timber land and increased our field  production by 25%.  During 2016-17 we increased our SD holding and Container areas and rebuilt our Equipment pole barn.  We continue to grow and plan for the future with our eyes on how we can improve our product and services we provide to  our customers.

Our nursery now consists of over 50 acres of field, 10 acres of B&B holding area, 6 acres for wetland production and an 12 acres of container area, all under irrigation. Native and wetland plants are now one third to one half of all plant sales due to their increased role in all landscapes.


  • Our goal at Pierson Nurseries, Inc. is to continue to provide high quality trees, shrubs, perennials, wetland and native plants to the trade.
  • Pierson Nurseries, Inc. practices a good neighbor policy. This includes minimal pesticide applications, soil erosion control, water retention, noise and odor reduction and a neat overall appearance.
  • We are a wholesale nursery selling a full line of field and container plants, specializing in native and wetland materials.
  • We offer contract growing for large or unusual orders.
  • A large selection of Container, B&B and Wetland plants are available for commercial customers.
  • We deliver more than 60% of the material we sell.
  • All water is recycled or directed to our swales and ponds for settling out particulates and nutrients.