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Welcome to Pierson Nurseries

Our nursery now consists of over 50 acres of field, 10 acres of B&B holding area, 6 acres for wetland production and an 12 acres of container area, all under irrigation. Native and wetland plants are now one third to one half of all plant sales due to their increased role in all landscapes.


Pierson Nurseries, Inc begins

Pierson Nurseries was founded by Dale Pierson as a landscape construction company.

Purchased Saco Acerage

The first 7 acres of land was purchased in Saco, Maine to start the growing operations of Pierson Nurseries.


Mike Pierson becomes co-owner

Adding land in Saco

An additional 5 acres were leased in Saco, Maine.


Expands to Dayton, Maine

Dale & Mike purchased 65 acres at the current nursery site in Dayton, Maine.

First year of new site crops

The first crops were planted at the new site in Dayton.


Establish Native & Wetland line

We began to establish and produce our native and wetland line of nursery stock

Refocus on Horticultural Trade

Our landscaping division was eliminated, and the company was refocused on the production and supply of nursery stock to the horticultural trade.


Expand Container Offerings

Another expansion of the container area on the original 65 acres was completed.

Jake Pierson joined the company.


Land expansion

An adjacent 20-acre parcel was purchased and used to increase the production space for both container and field grown nursery stock.

Expanded drip irrigation

We updated our irrigation setup and began to install drip irrigation on all our field grown material.


New Co-Owner & Land

Jake became an owner alongside his parents. An adjacent 30-acre lot was purchased that was used to increase field production as well as container production space.

Further Land Expansion

An adjacent 25-acre lot was purchased with the goal of again increasing field production space.


We continue to grow and plan for the future with our eyes on how we can improve our product and services we provide to  our customers.