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Get a glimpse of the current products at the nursery by selecting from the downloadable files below.

Most Recent Availability

A full list of all items in stock or due in soon.

(yes we changed our password for the 2019 season, please call 207-499-2994 or email for the new password)

[Pierson Nurseries Availability 10-16-19 PW.xls]

[Pot size descriptions]

We email this list out every Monday throughout the season-would you like to be included on that list? The file we send directly to our customers is not password protected. Please contact us if you would like to be added.

New product announcement!

Check the price sheet to see which items will be in stock Mid-May.

[Instant hedge pricing]

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Live Stake and Cutting Price list

Stakes and cuttings are only available while plants are dormant

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Cutting Stake Facine Price List.xls]

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Cutting Stake Facine Price List.pdf]

Hard Goods Price List

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Hardgoods Price List.xls]

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Hardgoods Price List.pdf]

We carry Curv-Rite products

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Curv-Rite Price List.xls]

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Curv-Rite Price List.pdf]

Native Ground Cover Sods

2019 Pricing for Native Ground Covers Sod Including Low Bush Blueberry Sod

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Native Groundcover Sod Price List.xls]

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Native Groundcover Sod Price List.pdf]

Seed Price List

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Seed and Mix Price List.xls]

[2019 Pierson Nurseries Seed and Mix Price List.pdf]

Information sheets

Helpful Plant information sheets

[Plants for Bees Hummingbirds and Butterflies]

[Plants For Dry Areas]

[Plants for Rain Gardens]

[Plants for The Seashore]

[Plants That Are Native]

[Plants for Fragrance]

[Plants for Fruit Display]

[Plants for Wet Areas]

Quote/Order sheet

Form for you to fill out and email, fax or mail quotes/orders to us. It is the same form as we use here in the yard.  It will save you time and gives us all information we need.