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Covid-19 Safety Procedures & Processes

Customer Interaction

  • The office will be closed to all customers.
  • No customers or their representatives will be allowed to walk the nursery without a scheduled appointment.
  • The only option for order pickup is curbside pickup of which the procedures are laid out below.
  • We will require an order be given to us over the phone, emailed or faxed to us 24 hours in advance of the pickup so it can be pulled ahead.
  • All container material will be gathered and set out on a trailer or wagon at the container area loading dock parking lot or the parking lot by the garage.
  • All BB material will be staged at the BB prep area.
  • The customer will call the office when they arrive, and we will radio out for a staff member to lead them to their order.
  • A copy of the invoice will be placed on the trailer or wagon for the customer to refer to and confirm while they load their material.
  • We will not assist in loading or tarping their truck. The only exception to that rule will be if the material they are picking up requires a machine to load. We will put the material on their truck or trailer for them in that case but again will not assist with tarping or moving it on their truck/trailer.
  • They will either have given us a credit card number in advance or will mail us a check.

Vendor Interaction

No vendors will be allowed on site at without an appointment.

Deliveries In

  • No delivery truck drivers will be allowed out of their vehicles except when the unload is complete, and they need to clean or secure their loads.
  • UPS Drivers will be allowed to unload material, but we will limit our social interactions with them.


  • The front office will be where paperwork will be distributed and returned to. No admittance to the main office for non-office staff.
  • All staff shall practice physical distancing (6 feet between each other) when able.
  • All staff will be issued neck gaiters to use when physical distancing is not possible with your fellow staff members or customers such as riding in/on vehicles, in any buildings, or while loading/unloading plant material.
  • Staff will use the same piece of equipment all day as much as possible.
  • Our morning meeting will take place outside the crew building unless weather does not permit us. We will meet in crew building with proper face covering if weather is poor.
  • If the weather is poor, the managers will meet with their teams separately in a pre-determined spot depending on that day’s functions.
  • Staff will rotate breaks and lunches to only have 8 people in the building at a time.
  • Subcontractors will follow these same policies.
  • If a staff member does not feel well, they must call out and stay home.
  • If a staff member needs to be home to care for a family member that is ill or take care of a child that is out of school, those days will be paid as a leave day by Pierson Nurseries.

All policies are under constant review and subject to change.