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Delivery Policy & Rates

It is our continuing goal to provide you with cost-effective deliveries. In order to maintain our current delivery rate, we need your active participation.

  • Labor and equipment for unloading are the responsibility of the customer. Our drivers are not required to assist with unloading. We will not drop off plant material with no one present to accept the delivery.  Due to the fragile nature and heavy sizes of material delivered there must be adequately sized equipment present for unloading and handling larger sizes of plant-material.  Improperly sized equipment puts equipment, operator, and plant-material at risk for serious damage or injury.  If you are unsure of equipment size necessary for unloading and handling your order please reach out to us before scheduling a delivery. We recommend using pallet forks on a loader to lift plants by their root ball as the safest method for both the plant-material and people assisting with unloading. Balled and burlapped material must always be handled with the weight of the root ball fully supported.  Lifting these plants by their stems will result in vascular damage and subsequent injuries that impair future performance.  We do not recommend using chains hooked onto a plant’s wire basket to hoist plants.  The basket of wires is meant to support and hold a root ball together, not provide a lifting point of the entire plant’s weight from a single wire strand.
  • Every effort is made to keep you advised of when to expect your delivery. If our driver has to wait for you, or unloading takes longer than quoted, additional charges may be incurred.
  • Rates are charged per hour to and from the delivery site(s) from Biddeford, Maine, plus anticipated unloading time, based upon the size of order, locale, and volume of orders to be shipped to the buyer’s area.
  • If time quoted is exceeded due to improper directions, longer unload times or other situations under your control you will be billed accordingly.


Pickup Truck: $90

Pickup Truck with Trailer: $105

Small Dump Truck: $145

Small Dump Truck with Trailer: $170

Large Trucks: $205

Large Trucks with Trailer: $235

For cost effectiveness, Tractor-Trailer Trucks may be used for large loads.

If you have any questions or concerns let us know by phone 207-499-2994, fax 207-499-2912 or