Our Environmentally Friendly Approach


  • Minimum of deep water used / All water recycled back to containment ponds and drip used on 50 acres of field production Our 20 acres of container and 15 acres of above ground BB plants all have recycled water also.
  • Water periodically tested to insure quality
  • Ponds aerated by wind power to improve quality

Insecticides / Pesticides / Fungicides

  • Integrated pest management / Tolerances established to avoid unnecessary pesticide use
  • Spot spray as needed
  • Continually looking for alternatives to chemicals

Cultural Practices

  • Mechanical cultivation in fields / Hand weeding in containers
  • Plant waste and nursery grounds thoroughly cleaned up at conclusion of season
  • Soil erosion prevented by planting in smaller blocks and surrounded by permanent vegetation
  • Tooth harrow to keep soil structure
  • Cover crops planted in unused fields / Soil enriched by tilling in cover crop
  • Micro-nutrients added to potting mix
  • Variety of organic amendments used between crops
  • Local products purchased whenever possible
  • Plant waste composted, tested and screened
  • Field soil tested and natural additives used to amend fields


  • Container pots (#2)
  • Paper
  • Scrap metal
  • Plant waste compost used in field and as a product we sell

Native Plant Line

  • Scope and sizes increasing
  • Customer input always welcome for additional varieties

Container Mix

  • Soil tested and natural ingredients used such as fine ground softwood bark, rice hulls and regional compost.