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Terms & Conditions of Sales

We welcome your interest in doing business with our company! For your convenience and to serve you better, we encourage establishment of an open charge account.

Cash On Delivery

All purchasers who have not established a charge account or have had credit rescinded are required to pay at time of delivery or pick up.

Payment Methods

Company checks, cash, VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS are accepted.

We are now set up to keep a credit card on file.

Please contact us to do so. We will run the card after pickup or delivery.

As our office is closed to customers, we ask that if you are paying by check at time of pickup that you use the mail slot on our office door to drop off your check.


If we have any returned checks for insufficient funds you will be charged $100 for bank and office processing.

Charge Accounts

Charge account customers (those with payment terms) who choose to pay invoices by MasterCard, VISA or American Express at time of purchase will not receive their 5% discount.

Charge account customers (those with payment terms) who choose to pay invoices by MasterCard, VISA or American Express, will have Net 5 days from date of invoice for payment processing.

After 5 days, a credit card processing fee of 3% will be assessed, due to increase security and processing costs. This policy applies to credit card payments only.

Per terms and conditions for all charge account customers, a 2% per month finance charge will be assessed on all past due amounts over 30 (thirty) days.

Holding Orders, Special Orders, and Returns

Orders held 30 days past scheduled delivery or pick up date may be subject to additional holding charges. A 25% deposit may be charged for special orders. Orders held and then canceled may be charged a 25% carrying fee. Contract grow terms are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Conditions of Sale

The prices in this catalog are effective for the current calendar year and cancel all previous prices. Prices are subject to change without notice.


All plants are guaranteed to be alive, healthy, and true-to-name when shipped. We encourage you to inspect our plants and facility before you order. We will ship samples at your request. All claims must be made within 3 days of delivery.